My Triple Eagle Friend

This blog is part of my effort to pass on the wisdom of my Triple Eagle friend to those that aren't lucky enough to be a Triple Eagle, or have a Triple Eagle friend. If the closest you have come to a BC education is eating a sub at the College Pizza place near campus, this blog is for you.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I stopped by to see my Triple Eagle friend this afternoon. As we read the Sunday Globe (him the "Ideas" section, me the Circuit City catalog), I excitedly pointed out all the new MP3 players and all the cool things they can do that iPods can't.

His response?

"If they can't also do everything that the iPod CAN do, it's not going to make much of a difference what else they offer," he mused.

I told him that he was probably right, and moved on to read an article that speculated that Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce are not happy about the Celtics' losing ways.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Sorry for the lack of recent posts, but my Triple Eagle friend won't talk me. He told
that he's tired of hearing my rants about Mike Vrabel moving back to inside linebacker with Junior Seau out, and talk about how everyone on the Patriots' offensive line has a cool beard.

I couldn't think of anything else Pats-related to say, so I tried to start a conversation about how the Celtics always come close to winning but can't close, and he just got more mad and told me that I have to start reading something other than the Globe Sports section if I'm going to yield interesting conversation. He also said that he's tired of repeated converations about J.D. (Nancy) Drew and Daisuke, and told me not to mention either again unless they sign an actual contract with the Sox. Talk about Manny maybe being traded but noone has yet offered the Sox a whole bunch of can't-miss prospects is also out of bounds.

He gave me a stack of dusty books and told me not to come back til I read one, so it may be a few days before I can post more of his insight. He slammed the door before I could protest that it's not my fault the local sports media can be so repetitive.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

An older recent story:

I recently knocked upon the door of my Triple Eagle friend, hoping to get his reaction to John Kerry's joke that insulted so many in our armed forces. I found him in his study, writing in his journal in Latin.

After informing him what Kerry had said, he laid a BC paperweight on top of his journal, and scratched his chin.

"Stupidity is not the sole province of the Democratic Party," he said.

I could tell I was getting some real wisdom here, so I urged him on.

"For example, John Boehner, the House majority leader, sent a missive on Oct. 20 that accuses Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader, of having stood "shoulder to shoulder" with President Clinton in cutting the intelligence budget.

"Democrats can be weak on national security," I said. "Why would this surprise anyone?"

My Triple Eagle friend glared at me.

"But what Boehner neglects to mention is that Pelosi was joined by many Republicans on these votes," he said. "Dana Rohrabacher, one of the most conservative members of the House, twice cast the same votes as Pelosi on the budget."

My Triple Eagle friend peered at me over his glasses.

"Now, has Boehner ever directly accused his Republican collegues of 'undermining the intelligence community?'" he asked.

"I don't know," I replied.

"It was a rhetorical question." he shot back.

I nodded as though I understood, but really I was trying to memorize all of the words he had said so that I could parrot his opinion as my own later on.

He turned his attention from me, and picked up his journal. I could tell it was time for me to leave, and bid farewell.

Anti-Semitism and the Boston Globe?

I picked up my Triple Eagle friend (that's someone who attended Boston College High, BC undergrad, and BC Law) after work this evening, and drove him to Kappy's liquor store so he could pick up a bottle of port.

While I waited for him, I read this article in the Globe sports section.

Of course, I was appalled by the allegations of age discrimination at Brandeis.

When my Triple Eagle friend returned to the car, I brought the issue up. Now, he's more given to the more noble arts of composing classical music or reciting poetry than sports, but he seemed to take an interest as I described the outrage outlined in the Globe.

"Does the Globe typically feature Division 3 sports programs on the cover of its sports section?" he asked, switching off the Jimi Hendrix CD I was playing.

"Good question," I replied. "The Bruins are usually lucky if they can get on there."

"I'm assuming this coach was a big winner there, and that's why it's age discrimination -- she was fired because she was old, despite winning a lot of games," he said.

"Well, no, she wasn't a big winner," I replied.

"Give me that," he said, grabbing the Globe, and reading bits of the article himself.

"The coach is surprised that her athletic director fired her, despite the team having been 'competitive all season' -- are we talking about college sports here, or Little League?" he asked.

"Brandeis is a college," I said.

"I was being rhetorical," he said.

"You know, I do feel a little bad for someone who is 54 and has had no other job, and has given their heart to working as a softball coach," he said. "And I feel bad that she can't imagine any one else hiring her, but if that's the case, is she being fired because she is 54, or because she's not a great coach?"

"I sense you are going somewhere with this," I said.

"Well," he answered, "is it possible that the Globe is stirred up about this because Brandeis is a Jewish school, and the coach's name is Mary Sullivan?"

With that he feel silent, and began humming and air-conducting a symphony.